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This process is a vital part of our customer service process and includes the below 10 key steps.

Reports are also developed at the end of each simulation, to analyse and discuss potential changes after.


  1. CAD developed or supplied 

  2. Indicate contact points between components

  3. Indicate materials used in each component

  4. Indicate constraints in the design

  5. Indicate appropriate loading including forces, moments, gravity, etc

  6. Fine tune meshing of the component models

  7. Perform the FEA to indicate stresses, strains, displacements and general deformation solutions

  8. Safety factors are reviewed throughout the model

  9. Weaker areas are strengthened while staying within the design constraints and over engineered areas can be optimised to reduce material waste, weight or unnecessary manufacturing time.

  10. The process is iterated to review the design again to ensure all areas are design in a safe and optimised for performance

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