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  • An engineer is trained in civil engineering and is involved in designing & building structures including bridges and roads. A draftsman is a professional who is qualified & trained to create to-scale technical drawings. We are both.


  • Have technical drawings pass structural and technical drawing standards


  • We can spot structural issues before they get to the construction stage.


  • Improve design for construction while still in the drawing stage.


  • Provide comprehensive technical drawings for architects through to workshop drawings.


Our mechanical workshop drawings range from steel to wood to stone and our engineers can prepare detailed construction or workshop drawings as per our client’s requirements. While a workshop drawing can be simply printed and used by employees, we can also export model files in various formats to enable loading directly to:


• CNC machine centres

• CNC lathes

• CNC routers

• CNC 3D printers

• CNC water jets

• CNC laser cutters

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