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We choose to use this technique when conducting metal cutting, as a laser is able to handle virtually everything thrown its way, whether cutting steel, nickel, tungsten, aluminum, or brass. Lasers are also used for cutting reflective metals, including gold and silver, as well as non-metallic materials, including polymers, rubber, and plastics. The laser cutting process is also very fast and can be easily repeated with equally high levels of precision, plus this method allows for higher levels of sheet utilization by enabling efficient part nesting. Best of all, laser cutting easily adapts to ever-changing manufacturing demands, both in terms of production volume and market need.


• Highly focused energy and pressure allows for cutting on a much smaller and narrower area of material.


• Significantly reduced heat waste and scrap levels.


• Highly precise, compact area of impact, laser cutting enables the creation of complex geometrical shapes with smoother edges and cleaner-cut finishes.

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