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Prototyping Service

We offer prototyping to all clients as a part of our service which offers a range of benefits. This process includes:

  1. CAD File

  2. Manufacture

  3. Ship 


•  The prototype gives the customer a complete idea of how the site will look like in the final result.


• Prototyping allows you to streamline the design development process, focusing on important interface elements.

• A site’s sketch is an irreplaceable thing if the client still does not fully understand what he expects from the site, what functions each page will carry. Careful planning at the prototyping stage makes it possible to avoid global changes in the finished layout.


• At the prototyping stage, it is possible to identify unnecessary elements that are best abandoned.


• This process significantly reduces the workload of the designer in developing the project, and thus saves the customer’s money.


• Having a prototype in hand, the designer and customer more clearly represent the final result.


• Prototype development involves the involvement of the customer, contributes to more productive work, process consistency.


• Evaluate Technical Feasibility

• Enhance the quality of your design

• Present ideas to clients more clearly

• Risk Reduction

• Iterate designs on a lower cost

• Simulate the real product

• Provide focused feedback

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